UPC - Unified Patent Court

The European patent system has recently undergone the biggest change since the introduction of the European Patent Convention over 50 years ago: on June 1, 2023, the new unitary patent system entered into force.

The new patent system is the result of an enhanced cooperation between the majority of EU’s Member States. As a result of the enhanced cooperation, a new unitary patent has been launched which has unitary effect in the 17 Member States that have ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement.

To deal with disputes relating to the new patent, a new court has been established: the Unified Patent Court (the “UPC”). In addition to having sole jurisdiction over all unitary patents, the UPC, together with national courts, has shared jurisdiction over existing European patents. However, patent holders can choose to exclude their European patents from UPC’s jurisdiction by "opting out" of the system.

The new patent system raises several new questions and considerations.

Sandart has for many years followed the work with the new system and has since its launch had the privilege of being involved in several different cases at the Nordic-Baltic regional division of the UPC. The firm's practical experience with cases at the new court entails that valuable knowledge about the new system has been gained.

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