Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In disputes it is imperative to make wise decisions under uncertainty. When we are engaged in resolving disputes, we consider it one of our most important tasks to continuously assist with risk analysis and strategic planning. This enables us to act instead of only just reacting.

We represent clients in courts of law, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation. We hold extensive experience in handling complex commercial disputes on a national and international scale. We are one of the few law firms in Sweden that regularly handles disputes throughout the entire intellectual property field. We also represent clients in other business disputes, such as contractual and claims disputes. Many of our lawyers have previously served as law clerks and held other positions in Swedish courts.

Assisting clients in court is a separate form of art that we love to master. Some clients with intellectual property portfolios have significant experience from earlier disputes. When that is the case, we work together. Other clients have never been in contact with courts. When that is the case, we guide you.

Sandart & Partners is a member of the CPR International Institute for Dispute Prevention & Resolution External link, opens in new window., an international organisation that provides resources and training about alternative dispute resolution models. We enable our clients to make an informed choice between different forms of dispute resolution.