Intellectual Property

For more than half a century, Sandart & Partners has successfully assisted clients in intellectual property issues. We work in all fields of intellectual property: patents, copyright, designs, trade marks and company names.

Our experience in intellectual property disputes is both broad and deep, and dates far back in time. In addition, we have extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with contracts regarding intellectual property. Therefore, we are constantly ranked among Sweden’s leading law firms within this discipline. Our successful recruitment strategy and our employees' active role in intellectual property associations, legislative committees and the academy ensure that we will maintain this position also in the future.

Our clients within intellectual property matters are mainly large and medium-sized companies, especially in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, telecommunications and other high-end technology. We also represent rightsholders within music, art, and text. In relation to our trade mark practice, our clients are companies of all sizes who want to protect their trade marks, domain names and other signs, or who need to be protected against infringement claims.

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