WTR 1000 2020

Sandart & Partners rankas även i år tillsammans med Karin Cederlund, Anders Kylhammar och Peter Sande i första kategorin i World Trademark Reviews lista Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster. över "The World's Leading Trademark Professionals" inom området "enforcement and litigation". Karin Cederlund är även rankad inom området "prosecution and strategy".

Number one across the board for IP and advertising law” is the verdict on Sandart & Partners. “It has a brilliant track record in court while also taking a genuine interest in clients’ businesses, providing highly relevant and analytical advice at a reasonable cost. Time and time again, it proves itself as a reliable firm with integrity. To top it off, it also has an impressive local and international network of lawyers and academics who all excel within their fields of expertise.” A stalwart presence in courtroom proceedings, Anders Kylhammar is in high demand. “He is an exceptional litigator who comes out with bulletproof arguments. Everybody wants him on their side – he is a joy to work with.” Kylhammar often joins forces with the “sharp, solution-oriented and responsive” Karin Cederlund. “She is one of the best for contentious work and her advice is top-notch.” Peter Sande makes up the third pillar of the practice. A smart choice for pan-European disputes – when he shoots, he never misses.

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