WTR 1000 2017

Sandart & Partners rankas tillsammans med Karin Cederlund, Anders Kylhammar och Peter Sande i kategorin guld i World Trademark Reviews lista över "The World's Leading Trademark Professionals" inom området "enforcement and litigation".

This bijou Stockholm-based operation routinely notches up wins in complex infringement disputes; sage strategic advice, intelligent portfolio management and a flair for the fine print in licensing are further hallmarks of its service. Clients enjoy unfettered access to its partners, who operate under the watchful eye of highly analytical managing partner Anders Kylhammar – “an outstanding, extremely knowledgeable trademark practitioner with a stellar list of clients”. Competitors are more than happy to send referrals to entertainment guru Peter Sande: “He is always very helpful and you can trust him to be totally professional.” The versatile Karin Cederlund has valuable advertising law expertise, giving her a unique angle on the commercialisation of soft intellectual property.

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