Chambers Europe 2017

Sandart & Partners rankas åter igen högt inom immaterialrätt, life science och i tvistlösning i Chambers and Partners årliga guide över rekommenderade advokater och advokatbyråer i Europa.

Intellectual Property - Sweden - Band 1

What the team is known for Outstanding litigation boutique with market-leading expertise across the IP spectrum. Comes particularly recommended for patent and trade mark litigation, as well copyright matters. Handles both transactional and non-transactional mandates for multinational clients in industries such as biotech, pharmaceuticals and TMT.

Strengths Sources praise the team's "in-depth knowledge," and "prompt service," and state that "for really complex IP matters, they are the go-to in Sweden."

Further interviewees state: "Sandart & Partners are excellent in the area of patent and trade mark litigation. They are also very good when it comes to copyrights - the number-one firm there in Sweden."

Notable practitioners - Sweden - Intellectual Property
Band 1: Karin Cederlund, Dag Sandart och Peter Sande
Band 2: Anders Kylhammar

The "very knowledgeable" Karin Cederlund is top-rated by sources for her work in IP litigation. She offers notable expertise in trade marks and copyrights and also assists clients with IP transactions.

Dag Sandart is renowned amongst interviewees for his extensive experience of patents. His other areas of expertise include trade marks, copyrights and marketing law. He frequently advises clients in the life sciences sector.

Peter Sande is reputed for his advice on IP litigation. He frequently handles mandates concerning patents, copyrights and trade marks on both a domestic and pan-European level. His clients work in industries such as entertainment and healthcare.

Department head Anders Kylhammar receives praise for his "solid analysis of the law." He focuses on commercial disputes concerning trade marks, patents, copyrights and design. He also advises on marketing law and trade secrets.

Life Sciences - Sweden - Band 3

What the team is known for IP-focused boutique, which is well known for its expertise in patent law and related agreements. Particularly active for pharmaceutical and biotech companies on litigious IP-related life science issues, especially patent disputes. Offers advice on regulatory matters surrounding pharmaceutical products.

Strengths Sources highlight the department's experience in IP-related life science matters, saying: "They are very skilled, IP-focused and have a good reputation."

Notable practitioners - Sweden - Life Sciences
Band 2: Dag Sandart och Peter Sande

Dag Sandart is a prominent lawyer offering representation to a range of clients in their IP concerns in the life science field. He holds particular expertise in patent litigation as well as notable commercial experience.

Peter Sande is highly appreciated by market commentators, who describe him as a "likeable person, an extremely good lawyer and a very skilled patent litigator." He offers particular expertise in IP disputes in the life science sector.

 Sweden, Dispute Resolution: Most in Demand Arbitrators
Band 2: Eric M. Runesson

Eric Runesson of Sandart & Partners is often retained as an arbitrator in Swedish and international proceedings, and acts as counsel in commercial disputes. Areas of specialism include M&A, licensing and distribution. According to interviewees, he is "calm, sound and into the intricacies of the law."