Chambers Global 2013

Sandart & Partners är återigen topprankade inom immaterialrätt och tvistlösning av Chambers Global som årligen publicerar en guide över rekommenderade advokater och advokatbyråer världen över.

Advokaterna Peter Adamsson, Karin Cederlund, Anders Kylhammar, Dag Sandart och Peter Sande rankas individuellt inom "Intellecual Property" med genomgående mycket goda omdömen och Eric M Runesson är rankad som en av Sveriges “Most in Demand Arbitrators”.

Trade mark and copyright expert Karin Cederlund is widely hailed as a market leader. Recently, she represented a leading European e-commerce retailer in the acquisition of new software. Dag Sandart isa highly acclaimed IP expert who is particularly noted for his patent litigation expertise. Impressed clients note: "He is a likeable person who gives clear advice and is always well prepared. He also has good business sense."

Peter Sande is "perhaps the best lawyer in Sweden for patent litigation. He is accessible, and shows great understanding of both the legal and scientific aspects," according to market commentators. Anders Kylhammar attracts plaudits for his copyright expertise. Interviewees note that "he is very easy to work with and has a great depth of experience in court. He understands more than most how the judiciary works in Sweden." Copyright expert Peter Adamsson is unanimously regarded as "an excellent lawyer." The Ministry of Justice recently commissioned him to draft a book on copyright law.

Eric M Runesson is ranked as one of Sweden's "Most in Demand Arbitrators" : Eric Runesson of Sandart & Partners is considered by interviewees to be "really strong, with excellent analytical skills." Sources add that he is a prime choice for IP disputes, and further commend his mediation skills."