IAM Patent 1000 2012

Tidskriften Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Magazine har nyligen gett ut en ny publikation som årligen ska sammanställa och ranka toppresterande byråer och jurister i patentrelaterade områden.

I den första utgåvan rankas Sandart & Partners högt med en guldplacering inom tvistlösning, "litigation". Individuellt finns även några guldplaceringar då Dag Sandart och Peter Sande topprankas under litigation. Dag Sandart och Peter Sande rekommenderas även individuellt under licensavtal, "licensing" tillsammans med Eric M Runesson.

Highly focused Sandart&Partners is among the best-rated Swedish groups. Clients report "an extraordinary level of ability and second-tonone courtroom performance" from a team which features two star litigators. Dag Sandart is "a brilliant operator and a challenging adversary". His experience includes handling pharmaceuticals and biotechnology disputes and licensing deals in various technical fields. Colleague Peter Sande is a "very prominent figure and a pleasure to collaborate with", garnering plaudits from peers across the jurisdiction. His pan-European practice encompasses pharmaceutical matters and strategic advice. Eric M Runesson receives international acclaim for his talent in contract negotiation and transactions, and is "a go-to guy for any knotty licensing issues".