Copyright & Database rights

We are copyright experts. We provide advice and represent clients in court in all copyright related matters.

The firm has a long experience of representing rightsholders operating in several creative areas such as music, art, literature and media in all matters relating to copyright and neighbouring rights, not least disputes.

In addition, we provide advice on the legal protection of databases. These special rules are of great importance due to the digital development of businesses, which enables the creation of extensive databases and at the same time has facilitated infringement of database rights of great magnitude.

For several years in a row, we have been ranked as one of the leading law firms in Sweden in copyright and we have successfully represented clients in a great number of litigations. Several of the trials have formed precedent and some of them have been regarded as most notable in Sweden within copyright.

We possess particularly extensive competence in issues associated to copyright and the management of rights and competition law. Furthermore, we possess deep understanding of the challenges – but also the possibilities – that the increased digitisation entails for commercialisation and exploitation of works protected by copyright.

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