Dag Sandart

Advokat, Senior Counsel

Dag Sandart is very experienced in patent and other intellectual property law, plus contract negotiation.

Dag has been active in the firm since 1980 and has acquired a vast experience within patent, trademark, marketing, life science and copyright law. Dag also has a broad experience in contract negotiation.

Dag Sandart is recognised as one of Sweden’s leading individuals within Intellectual property in several specialist guides.

Dag Sandart is considered to be one of the best intellectual property lawyers active in the Swedish market, possessing expertise across the spectrum of intellectual property issues. Clients say he is "very good at finding solutions in complicated situations." He particularly assists clients with negotiating intellectual property contracts.

Chamber Global 2019

IAM says: A pillar of the Swedish IP community - and a top courtroom strike force for prestigious companies - Dag Sandart is always the talk of the town. Excellent results and outstanding quality are the central narratives of his rigorous patent litigation practice.

IAM Global Leaders 2020