We sponsor The Chiparamba Foundation

Sandart & Partners sponsors the Chiparamba Foundation and is a Chiparamba Partner Gold. We support the Chiparamba Foundation since we want to improve the development opportunities in Zambia, with particular focus on the young generation.

The Chiparamba Foundation was set up in 2004.
The foundation supports children and adolescents in Zambia, with special focus on participants in the football activities of the Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy in Zambia. The Chiparamba Foundation primarily provides funding of children’s school fees, school books and school uniforms.

The Zambian school system does not provide free education for all children, due to low tax revenues and a very rapid population growth. The school is only free for children in grades 1-6, but the children have to pay for school books and uniforms. Education in grades 7-12 is only offered against payment of school fees, which many poor families cannot afford. As a consequence, most children do not complete their education. The Chiparamba Foundation makes it possible for many children to finish all grades 1-12, and to receive a certificate after successful examination. Half of the children supported by the Chiparamba Foundation are girls, and half of the children are boys.

Further, the Chiparamba Foundation collaborates with and receives financial support from the non-profit organization Chiparamba Football Club in Sweden. Football is of great significance, since it gives children a meaningful leisure time. The dream of many players in Chiparamba is a future career as an elite football player. Some of the Chiparamba players have reached this goal: When Zambia won the Africa Cup in 2012, there were several Chiparaemba players on the national team. However, it is not possible for all Chiparamba players to reach the top. Thus, it is important to – in parallel with the football activities – enable the children’s education.

The Chiparamba Foundation is under the control of the Swedish Fundraising Control and a holder of a so called 90-account (Swedish Plusgiro no 90 00 58-9). The Chiparamba Foundation’s administrative costs are only a few percent of the revenues.

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