WTR 1000 2021

Sandart & Partners, together with Karin Cederlund, Anders Kylhammar and Peter Sande, are ranked as one of "The World's Leading Trademark Professionals" within "enforcement and litigation" by World Trademark Reviewexternal link. Karin Cederlund is also ranked within "prosecution and strategy".

“Sandart & Partners epitomises quality and excellence,” enthuses one peer. “In litigation, no other firm comes close to its capabilities. Its lawyers are incredible, tough and can turn a dispute around to secure a win. They know the facts of each case inside out and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each party to create unbeatable arguments.” In charge is one of Sweden’s most august practitioners, Anders Kylhammar – “a super-compelling, skilled and service-minded litigator who can keep costs reasonable”. Contentious matters interwoven with advertising law threads are the metier of Karin Cederlund. Always on top and head of developments, she never gets caught off guard. Rounding off the squad, Peter Sande maintains a cracking patents practice, but is equally brilliant at navigating trademark disputes with significant commercial ramifications.

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