IAM Global Leaders 2020

Dag Sandart and Peter Sande are listed as two of "the world's foremost private practice patent experts" and are interviewed in the new publication IAM Global Leaders: Interviews with the Pinnacle of the Patent Law Profession External link, opens in new window..

Dag Sandart

IAM says: A pillar of the Swedish IP community - and a top courtroom strike force for prestigious companies - Dag Sandart is always the talk of the town. Excellent results and outstanding quality are the central narratives of his rigorous patent litigation practice.

The interview of Dag Sandart External link, opens in new window.

Peter Sande

IAM says: Consistently excellent in all forms of IP litigation, Peter Sande is scarcely rivalled for his ability to lead dispersed teams to sucess in cross-border European patent cases. He brings deep strategic and regulatory expertise to every engagement and can support innovators in many meaningful ways.

The interview of Peter Sande External link, opens in new window.