Contracts & Business Transactions

Sandart & Partners assists their clients in executing business transactions, mainly by providing services with respect to drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts.

Since the firm’s main focus lies within the field of IP-law, the firm has for several years been engaged by technology and innovation intense companies and organizations in transactions comprising IP-law considerations. By way of example, the firm is often engaged in order to assist clients in drafting and negotiating license, distribution and co-operation agreements, research and development contracts and contracts within IT and telecom. The firm is also regularly engaged in mergers and acquisitions where technology and innovation intense companies and organizations are involved, e.g. for work regarding IPR due diligence.
The firm has also for many years been entrusted by some of the most renowned Swedish and foreign advertising and media agencies as well as design firms to provide them with their need for continuous legal services. The firm’s services are also frequently sought after by other clients that in their business tend to generate, manage or transfer intellectual property rights.
Contracts and business transactions often touch upon company law in one way or the other – e.g. where a new company is to be established or where new owners or partners are to be admitted into an already existing one – Sandart & Partners consequently provides most of the frequently requested services related thereto.

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