Sandart&Partners gold tier ranked within patent law

Sandart & Partners has reached gold tier within the litigation category of the IAM’s "IAM Patent 1000 2017 – The World’s Leading Patent Professionals" and is thus ranked as one of Sweden’s top law firms within the category. In addition, both Dag Sandart and Peter Sande have received individual rankings in the guide since they have been identified by market sources for their exceptional skill sets within patent law.


"First among equals is Peter Sande: "His remarkable intelligence and ability to grasp complicated juridical situations as well as detailed and complex technical concepts make him able both to quickly identify and understand the important issues of a case and to find alternative and inventive approaches. Peter’s positive attitude, humour and open personality make him a joy to work with." "A talented communicator who is highly accessible and knowledgeable", the seasoned Dag Sandart has long been one of the country’s leading IP lights."


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Published 2017-08-04

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